IELTS Listening: Fill in gaps


IELTS Listening: Complete the sentences below.
Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

Peregrine Falcons

1. The Peregrine falcons found in _____________ are not migratory birds.
2. There is disagreement about their maximum _____________.
3. When the female is guarding the nest, the male spends most of his time _____________.

Answers and audio scripts

You will hear a talk by a university lecturer in Australia on a type of bird called a peregrine falcon.

I’m Professor Sam Richards, and I’ve come as the third guest lecturer on this course in Australian birds of prey. My job is to keep a watchful scientific eye on the state of Tasmanian peregrines, so I’ll start by giving you some background to these magnificent birds of prey before I speak briefly on my own project.

Peregrine falcons are found on all continents with the exception of Antarctica. So don’t go looking for them at the South Pole. They are found almost everywhere in Australia and it’s interesting to note that the name, peregrine, implies that they are wanderers – that they move from place to place following the seasons – and indeed, in most parts of the world they are migratory birds. But not in Australia, however, where they prefer to stay in one place.

They are knows to be the world’s fastest creature and they have been tracked by radar diving down towards the ground at 180 km an hour. However, a number of textbooks claim that their flight speed can go as high as 350 km an hour, so there is still some dispute about just how fast they can actually fly.

Female peregrine falcons, like all other Australian falcons, are larger than their male counterparts; in fact the female is almost a third larger than the male in the case of peregrines. While she stays close to the nest to protect the eggs and the young chicks, the male is mostly occupied looking for food.

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