IELTS Listening: about coffee


Here is an IELTS Listening practice.

In a moment, you are going to hear a conversation between Teresa and Bob, two economics students. They are having a cup of coffee between lectures. 
As you listen to the conversation, answer Questions 1 to 4.
Complete the notes below. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS or NUMBERS for each answer

1. Journal: __________
2. Coffee farming provides work for __________ people
3. Ranked __________ most important commodity in world
4. Most farmers produce coffee on __________ of land


1. Food Economics Review
2. 30 million
3. second | 2nd
4. 4-5 hectares


TERESA: Mmm. This is yummy coffee, Bob. How's yours?
BOB: It's excellent. You know, Teresa, I just read an article about coffee last night. It was in that journal that Professor Clark recommended to us.
TERESA: Which one was that? Oh, I think I know. Food Economics Review. Isn't that it?
BOB: That's the one. Anyway, in the article there were all kinds of interesting things about coffee that I'd never known before.
TERESA: Yeah? Like what?
BOB: Well, did you know that over 30 million people earn their living from some aspect of coffee farming?
TERESA: That's a lot of people. Coffee obviously has a lot of importance economically.
BOB: Absolutely. In fact, its the second most valuable commodity in the world after oil.
TERESA: Wow! Well, if it's that big, it's probably produced and controlled by a few large companies, just like with oil.
BOB: Well, this article said otherwise. It said that most coffee's grown by farmers with only 4 or 5 hectares of land. And coffee's usually all they produce.

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