IELTS Listening: Australian Accent


Many candidates have trouble with their unfamiliar accents during the IELTS Listening test. Because they learnt British English or American English when they were in schools, most of them tend to familiar with one accent than the others. Again, many candidates watch American TV dramas a lot, which makes them ‘understand easier’ about American accent. However, in the IELTS listening test, there are mixed accents, comprising British, American, Australian and other accents, such as Japanese, Indian, etc.

Here is an IELTS listening practice. Please listen to the speaker who has a strong Australian accent and answer those questions.

Section 2
Questions 10 – 14

10. How many conventions have already been held? __________
11. The convention is held in __________
12. The convention lasts for __________
13. How many Australian speakers will be attending the convention? __________
14. The guest speakers are from __________


10. 2
11. Canberra
12. 7 days / a week / one week
13. 25
14. Britain and Canada


Could I have your attention for a few minutes please. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Norman Flagstaff, president of the Australia Retailer's Association. On behalf of the organizing committee for our Third Annual Retailer's Convention, I like to welcome you all, some of whom come as far as Brisbane and Melbourne to this wonderful convention center in our fair capital — Canberra. And hope you make most of your stay here. We have been very lucky with the weather and I sincerely hope that it keeps up for the rest of the week, and maybe even the following. No. (Laugh) I'm sure we won't be that lucky. (Laugh)

I'm pleased to announce that we have received a record number of registration for this year's week-long convention. For the first five days, we will be hosting more than 250 participants for the lectures and workshops. And hopefully up to 300 will be coming for the following two days of commercial demonstrations. Another first is we have a record number of speakers up from 20 last year to 25 this year, as well as having three guest speakers from abroad, who, I'm sure, will provide us with a great deal of information of how business is conducted in Brtain and also, I think it's …. United States, is it? No. No. Sorry, Canada. You'll note that we will be able to offer other overseas speakers in the next few years from different countries.

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